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MET-HD250 a revolutionary product in microscope area which combines of tablet PC and a digital camera, it can preview, take snaps, videos and save them, make measurements, wireless transmission, 3G internet surfing. Abundant images, videos and dates can be stored in the built in 8gig Hard Drive Disk. It has a C-mount connector which can be connected to any microscopes with microscope adaptors. It is an Ideal instrument of industrial optical inspection, teaching and scientific research.


MET-HD250 is a revolutionary product in microscope area which combines of tablet PC and a digital camera. It can preview, take snaps, videos, make measurement and save them, wireless transmission. It has a C-mount connecter which can be connected to any microscopes with microscope adaptors. With the excellent digital image processing technology, its imaging effect is gorgeous and can beat the image processed by CCD camera. MET-HD250 has 5 Mega Pixels image sensor and can take 720P dynamic video record. Equipped with the most stable hardware and  Android Operation System, binding professional multi-functional measuring software, it is easily to achieve to all your desire of exploration and discovery mystery of the microscopic kingdom. It is an Ideal instrument of industrial optical inspection, teaching and scientific research.

1. WonderfulCalibri, sans-serif User Experience. Built-in Camera and tablet PC for previewing capture photo & video, storage, playback, wireless Data transmission, measurement etc.

2. High Quality Image Sensor. Embedded with 5 Mega Pixels high resolution and low illumination level sensor chip, the imaging effect is gorgeous and even can beat the images generated by CCD camera.

3. Easy to Install. Comes with a international standard C-mount connector, it can be installed on monocular, binocular, trinocular, stereo, dissecting and various kinds of microscopes and telescopes with optional eyepiece adaptor(microscope adaptor), which including 0.5× eyepiece adapter(Φ23mm), Φ30mm and Φ30.5mm connecting rings.

① 0.5×/1× C-mount adaptor is not included, please purchase from your microscope supplier based on your needs.

② International standard C-mount connector, which fits any type of microscopes with C-mount adaptors.

③ Eyepiece adaptor Kit(Optional), include: 0.5× microscope adaptor (Φ23mm), Φ30mm and Φ30.5mm connecting rings for different diameter eyepiece tube or trinocular tube.

④ BLC-250 can be connected to a eyepiece(ocular) tube via eyepiece adaptor kit.

⑤ Wide view angle, adjustable 90˚ Inclined.

4. Integrated Measurement Software. The measurement software offers powerful functions and makes this BLC-250 much more useful(Free upgrade later), same operating with WINDOWS system.

5. Built-in Android 2.3 Operating System. Users can download any of the tens of thousands of Android application software from the official Android Market and other websites. High quality entertainment (pictures, movies, music, reading and games).












Digital Parts

1/2.5" CMOS Sensor

5Mega Pixels, Full Resolution: 2592×1936, Selectable Resolutions for Capturing Images

Image-previewing Rate: 30fps at Full Resolution

Video Format: 720P/30 fps

White Balance Setting: Manual / Automatic / Preinstall Operation

Programmable Controls: Gain, Frame Rate, Frame Size, Exposure

Pixel Size: 2.2µm ×2.2µm

ADC: 12bit

Dynamic Range: 71dB

SNR Max: 40.5dB

Shutter Type: Global Reset Release (GRR)

Color Filter Array: RGB Bayer Pattern

Connection: C-mount Interface



9.7" 2nd Generation HD LED Backlit LCD Screen (1024×768)

G-sensor, Multi-point Capacitance Touch Screen

Operating System

Android 2.3


1.2GHz (ARM Cortex-A8 Core)


1GB (DDR 3)


Storage Device

Onboard Flash 8GB, Optional: 16GB

Support External TF Card, Maximum Capacity of 32GB



Application Software

Task  Manager,  Browser,  Calculator,  Calendar,  Email,  ES  File  Explorer,  Gallery,  Photo/Video,


Music, Search, Setting, Sound Recorder, E-book, MSN/Skype Chatting, Game Playing etc.

Google Android Market Support Thousands of Applications Download



Top Button: Turn on/off, Volume+, Volume –, Reset

Front Main Button: Return, Home, Menu, Search



3.7V 6400mAh Rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery

Endurance in Tablet Mode: 10hours


Support Wireless Data Network, Wireless LAN 802.11b/g


V2.1 + EDR


3G Net Work

3G  Module  is  Optional  Accessories,  External  3G  Card  Slot  ,  Support  WCDMA  /  EVDO  /




Sensor Function

Onboard G-sensor, Support X/Y/Z 3axis Gravity Sensor

Onboard Electronic Compass



1* Mini USB2.0, 1*HDMI, 1* Micro-SD Card Slot (Up to 32GB), 1* 3.5mm Standard Stereo


Earphone Slot, 1* SIM Card Slot


2* Built-in Class-D Digital Power Amplifier Loudspeaker, Built-in Microphone




Media File Formats

Video  Supported:  MPEG-2  Main-High,  H.264  BP/MP/HP,  VC1  SP/MP/AP,  RV10  8/9/10, MPEG-4/Xvid SP/ASP, DivX 3/4/5/6, H.263 P0/P3, MJPEG Encode: H.264 BP, H.263 P0/P3,

MPEG-4 SP, MPEG-2 Main-Main, MJPEG, 3D Video Primary Formats

Audio Support: MP3, ACC, ADTS, M4A, WMA

Photo Support: JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG



Multi  LanguagesEnglish,  Czech,  Dansk,  German,  Spanish,  Russian,  French,  Italian,  Dutch,

Norwegian, Polski, Portugues, Greek, Portuguese, Svenska, Turkey, Korean, Japanese, Simplified


Chinese, Traditional Chinese etc.

Power Switching



External Power Adaptor, Input: AC 110V~220V, Output: DC5V 2500mA.


Optional Plug Types: USA , EU, UK and Japan etc.


Power Adapter, USB Cable, User Manual

Ambient Condition

Temperature: -30°C to +70°C


MET-HD250 can be used on microscopes for Education, Industry, Medical and Scientific Research areas for teaching, academic demonstration; precision electronic assembling and QC; biological, medical, pharmaceutical, geologic, mineral, metallurgical and chemical research. It also can be used on telescopes for astronomy hobbies and research. With a industrial lens, it also can be used for industrial inspections.


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